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New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day

written by: Eric Shelman


Celebrating New
Year’s and our life’s beginnings
festively, fun-filled

Wishing and hoping
for a better future, year
goal-setting, achieved

Being entertained
watching ball, dropped, counting down
by the hours, minutes, seconds

celebrating it
singing, dancing, listening
to live music, being played

Newly noteworthy notions
Energetically, enduring entertainments
Wonderfully warm welcomes
Yearning yearly yellings
Earnestly endeavoring enjoyments
Anticipating another annual
Recognizing reflections resolutions
Successfully, special spirits
Delightfully drinking, dancing, desiring
Abundant, authentic, attire
Yet another, yet again

Abundant, annual, another, Auld Lang Syne
anticipation, artistry, atmosphere, attire,
authentic, awe, awesome
Best, ball, balloons, bright, bubbly, baby
backward, bands, banquets, barricades
beads, beginnings, behavior, bells
boisterous, bold, black eyed peas, brand
Celebratory, commemorative, calendar
champagne, cheers, clock, confetti
countdown, cacophony, catering
celebrate, clamor, convivial, creative
creativity, crowds, culmination
culture, customs, conversations
Delightful, drinking, dancing, Day
December, desires, demonstrations
Enjoyable, exciting, eating, eve, evening
Fantastic, festive, fresh, fun, future,
fun-filled, Father Time, firecrackers,
fireworks, first, flutes
Grand, great, gathering, games, gown
goblet, grapes
Happiest, happy, healthy, heartfelt
hungover, hats, holiday, horns, hourglass
Inspiring, inspirational, invite, invitation, in
the new
Joyful, joyous, January
Kiss, kinships
Last, laughter, litter, liquor, loitering, loud
luminance, legumes, Lunar New Year
Magical, memorable, merry, music
midnight, mob, magic, momentum, mass
New, night-time, newborn, nonsense, New
Year’s, New Year’s Eve, noisemakers
Optimistic, outgoing, old, observance
observation, opportunity, outrageous
ovation, oysters, out with the old
Past, present, promising, prosperous
parade, party, phenomenon, popular
pretentious, priorities, percussion, pork,
party favors
Quality, quantity, quests, questions
Reborn, renewed, resolutions, recognition
reflection, resourcefulness, responsive
reveler, ridiculous, riot, ritual, Rose Bowl
parade, Roses, Rosh Hashanah, ring in
the new year, rice pudding with a hidden
almond inside
Safe, social, sweet, special, sparkling
sequins, shakers, sharing, shrimp, sirens
souvenirs, special, spirit, stilt walkers
streamers, streetcars, success
successful sumptuous, surprises
Thrilling, time, toasts, tuxedos, traditional
tantalize, teamwork, tenacious, tolerant
tourists, traditions, trinkets, Twelfth Night
Times Square, twelve o’clock
Unique, ultimate, unanimous, unfolding, united, unity, Uptown
Vows, validations, vigilant, vigorous, visible
Wishful, wonderful, worldwide, watching
waving, welcoming, willingness, winning
wisdom, wishes, world, worthy
Xenial, xylophones
Yearly, yearning, yelling, yet again, yet

New Year’s Day, is here today let us ring
bells, watch ball-dropping, music, play,
shaking shakers, throwing confetti, sing
toasting, drinking, eating, dancing, glisten
blowing kazoos, blowouts, whistles, loudly
conversing, thinking, wishful thinking, best
optimistically hoping proudly
prolific, most achieved, years, pardoned
eating black-eyed peas for a good luck
hailing, praising, new beginnings, reborn
feasting, and consuming gourmet food
lighting fireworks, firecrackers, adorn
being validated, appreciated
dated, fated, created, elated

Singing, dancing, toasting, drinking
playing instruments, cooking, eating
sharing, shaking, enjoying, thinking
meeting, greeting, and fleeting

New Year
memorable moments
traditional, ritualistic

awesome atmosphere artistry, best


Civilizations celebrated
each new year for last four millenia
today, most New Year’s related
festivities begin On December 31
continuing onto early hours January 1st

Common traditions include attending parties, eating special New Year’s foods,
making resolutions for the new year
watching fireworks, firecrackers displays.

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