O Papa, My Papa, poetry by Nivedita Roy at Spillwords.com
Ehteshamul Haque Adit

O Papa, My Papa

O Papa, My Papa

written by: Nivedita Roy


When the road to life gets rough,
I regret not heeding enough.

The smile that brightened my day,
The words that soothed me anyway,
These have just disappeared,
Like the soul that me nurtured.

Your absence pricks like a thorn,
Though I try my best not to mourn.

You were the strongest pillar of my survival,
Wish desperately for your re- arrival.

Feel the pride when am told I am so “you”
I Never wanted this adieu!

When I was born to you and mom,
Ours was love at first sight with aplomb!

It’s the vacuum that never can fill,
Often keeping a semblance is a task uphill.

The overwhelming wish that rises in the heart,
Is that you be my Pa again and never depart!

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