O' Woman!, poetry written by Dr. MOLLY JOSEPH at Spillwords.com
Lawrson Pinson

O’ Woman!

O’ Woman!

written by: Dr. MOLLY JOSEPH


O, Woman! You have it in you
to stand up against the wind, undaunted
When it blows harsh on you,
merciless, derailing, devastating…

No, not alone you are
or what if you are alone
In you, lies the power to sprout
even on arid planes
You, the mother nature ever renewing
shedding old contours
in tandem with the eclipse of the moon
to emerge anew, afresh on yonder crested hills…

the ever alive fountainhead you are
sprinkling kindness, care, and love
on whoever comes around,
the herd of tired pilgrims…

When the world gropes in darkness
and fret in dismay drooping,
You shower radiance divine
igniting the guiding light…

the barren blooms,
birds flutter, nature rouses
in your magnetic touch…

the river that flows covering
caverns of hurts and wounds,
you flow, you smile…

your burns turn
to learning lessons for you
to walk through
fire with faith and hope…

strong and soulful you are
O, woman, you have it in you
to stand up against the wind,

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