Obsolete, poetry written by Thomas R Bates at Spillwords.com



written by: Thomas R Bates


Today I have the itch to make
Something important happen,
To make a difference in society,
Make my mark on the world,
Let people know I still have
Something to contribute.
Easier said than done.
After making some calls
And sending out e-mails,
Nothing is happening.
I feel I’ve become old
And decrepit—OBSOLETE,
Someone I used to make fun of
Back in my over confident days,
I’m extremely embarrassed to say.
Now it’s my turn to be ignored,
Ridiculed and only tolerated.
Most people are nice about
It however, luckily for me.
When I ask for assistance
In stores, for instance,
The clerks are kind,
As they should be,
It is part of their
Job after all.

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