Dying A Little (A Poem For Noah) by Ximena Escobar at Spillwords.com

Dying A Little

Dying A Little

(A Poem For Noah)

written by: Ximena Escobar



Dying a little
is the watercolour stone
chalking my palm,
the beauty of grey
weighing in my heart like mud

Your eyes of wonder sinking, but
smiling, through the daffodils
like when the yellow sun breaks the cloud
and you wonder, perhaps you’re in heaven

Dying a little is the gravestones,
Dying a little is the child’s, footprint
between the grass blades
Weighing in my heart like mud,

Dying a little is breaking your heart
Dying a little is ripping you
Soiling my hands with your flagellum roots
of nerve ends aching,
reaching for fingertips
as the horizon stretches,

Will you love me, is dying a little
handprint fading
memories diluting
in the watercolour grey
Outside the lines

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