Oceanic Heart, a poem written by Leila Ziari at Spillwords.com
Alice Alinari

Oceanic Heart

Oceanic Heart

written by: Leila Ziari


I threw my heart into the roaring sea
Below the depths of this Neptunian sanctuary
A sacred chamber of cerulean mystery
Beating throughout ripples of secrecy
A lullaby for mermaid dreams

Orchestral melodies chime
Swells of love pulsing across the divide
My power twisted into waves divine
Rocked and swayed by the tides
As my organ is delivered to you in time

Forged by tidal waves of destiny
An oceanic conspiracy
A fated occurrence of alchemy
For you’ll catch my missing artery
And with it, you’ll return home to me

Lover, cast out your line
Pierce your adoring hooks inside
Capture this precious heart of mine
Tap my boundless treasure shrine
As I bathe you in an amorous shine

For now my dear, I stake my claim
In a sea of obscurity—wild and untamed
Neath the cocoon of tempest waves
Whilst my heart wails like a siren’s game
Restlessly crying out your name

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