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October Performance

October Performance

written by: Angel Edwards


In nights lonely long vigil overtone
Through the dark, darkness is at home

The virgin moon offered no light
To shadows this October night

Wind ripped branches off trees
brittle as bones bereft of leaves

Stars the lonely source of light
dotted the skies this forlorn night

I heard an eerie cryptic chorus
Echoing from the gloomy forest

I pursued this haunting choir
Until my eyes beheld a fire

A bonfire lit the shadowy ground
Where 13 figures whirled around

Their feet seem to not touch the ground
I hid and watched and made no sound

The voice rose in a single desire
Crescendo to the prince of fire

Incense spiraled in smoky twists
Circle was drawn to call the prince

One of them beneath the mask of a green goat head
Held forth a silver vessel glowing blood red

The other 12 knelt and each took a swallow
My heart took flight but my feet would not follow

Transfixed I remain hidden fighting panic
Chilled to the soul by the dark magic

Then it last a fleeting glimpse of him
Grotesque by fire light the image fading

Then appearing exposed radiating in unholy heat
I saw a monstrous thing with black wings and goat feet

Goat Head saluted the midnight sky
scaly arms stretched on high

He invoked a concert loud and dismal
sky symphony summoning hell

Cacophony rang in chords demented
Lightning bolted rain torrented

Legions of demons claimed my sight
The world an insane ghoul’s delight

As bat winged imps with arrow tails
Adjoined the noise with hideous wails

Aright the coven posed in form
Aloft the motionless victim borne

Hell fire forged the sacrificial blade
On gelid stone poor martyr was laid

Malignant silence the goat head pounced
Relinquished will and her soul denounced

Horrified I begin to pray
But I could not tear my eyes away

A pit remained where the magic was cast
There was one figure there goat head unmasked

His eyes gouged jagged rays in to my mind
The pain overpowered me rendered me blind

“you are a part of this!” he cried
“You watched-that cannot be denied!”

Halloween 1994

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