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After The Stroke of Midnight

After The Stroke of Midnight

written by: Ann Christine Tabaka



After the stroke of midnight
when most are fast asleep
into the ancient graveyard
stealthy he does creep

Seeking out the marker
of a long forgotten soul
he digs into the hard earth
to obtain his unholy goal

He collects the fleshless bones
and gathers them to his sack
then quietly leaves the scene
with his booty on his back

Once inside his dark room
a single candle he does light
sorting all his treasures
working late into the night

Femora, tibiae, and ulnae
plus other skeletal remains
sorted by type and stacked
with such thought out pains

Grinding them into powders
for poultices and potions
carefully carved magic charms
and other ghoulish notions

After the stroke of midnight
another night of work begins
he sold his soul and must toil
to atone for all his sins

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