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Of Ants and Men

written by: P.C. Darkcliff



The red ants lived happily on their anthill—until the white ants came and massacred them.
The white ants brought in black ants to slave for them, and although they later freed them, they’ve kept them on the margins. They also invaded other anthills to prevent imaginary attacks.
Then a black ant took over and eased the tensions and discrimination. Most white ants hated it so much they asked a big orange ant to make the anthill great again.
And he did…
I live far away from that strange anthill. But sometimes I feel bad about being a white ant.

P.C. Darkcliff

P.C. Darkcliff

P.C. Darkcliff has been writing fiction ever since he learned his letters. His first attempt was a short story about a talking dog. After a brief flirtation with sci-fi and adventure, he discovered the world of fantasy and paranormal fiction—and there was no turning back. His novels, Deception of the Damned and The Priest of Orpagus are available on Amazon. In September 2020, he’s going to launch Celts and the Mad Goddess, the first installment of Deathless Chronicle. P.C. has lived in six countries and on three different continents, and many of his adventures have spilled into his stories and novels. He has settled with his wife in Southwestern Spain.
P.C. Darkcliff

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