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Oh Dear What A Day

written by: Jed Williams


Oh dear oh my
Dear reader,
May I Just soon as possible
Advise you how to on the how to’s—
Do what what I say?
What I do?
Oh dear Prudence,
Walk without and within
As my man Drew said— paint!
Just paint! Baudelaire said, be drunk!
I say it loud and clear—don’t fall In the mud—
What a courtier so disobedient..
“As Guinevere thinks, betraying her
Listing lust for her knight most adventurous —
Do not look at me while I hold my King’s hand —
I will not, I wot not what thou dost saith—
My queen— I’ll look out the window and contemplate the bogs and fogs of our legend—
As we approach dawn I remember you still.
Tea for two? In a land greener than your hand.—//“

And your hair, was redder than sand—washed away by my tears—— and your voice oh! In the night,
Love is more gorgeous than all our plight.



Photo/collage - digital art 2018 copyright Jed Williams.
Title of work: "Guinevere (built to be nasty) and spill all over".

Jed Williams

Jed Williams

Jed Quartz aka Jed Williams, artist, painter and lover of life..son of C.K. Williams.
Currently residing on Planet Earth, near Philly USA.
Jed Williams

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