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Jed Williams

Oh Dear What A Day

Oh Dear What A Day

written by: Jed Williams


Oh dear oh my
Dear reader,
May I Just soon as possible
Advise you how to on the how to’s—
Do what what I say?
What I do?
Oh dear Prudence,
Walk without and within
As my man Drew said— paint!
Just paint! Baudelaire said, be drunk!
I say it loud and clear—don’t fall In the mud—
What a courtier so disobedient..
“As Guinevere thinks, betraying her
Listing lust for her knight most adventurous —
Do not look at me while I hold my King’s hand —
I will not, I wot not what thou dost saith—
My queen— I’ll look out the window and contemplate the bogs and fogs of our legend—
As we approach dawn I remember you still.
Tea for two? In a land greener than your hand.—//“

And your hair, was redder than sand—washed away by my tears—— and your voice oh! In the night,
Love is more gorgeous than all our plight.



Photo/collage – digital art 2018 copyright Jed Williams.
Title of work: “Guinevere (built to be nasty) and spill all over”.

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