On Bended Knee, a poem written by Tissy Taylor at Spillwords.com

On Bended Knee

On Bended Knee

written by: Tissy Taylor



On bended knee
My ghosts now pray
Seeking new hope
Praying for your
past betrayals

Damn I’m tired
Grace, expired
Heal this scarred heart

From the pulpit rise
Mere mortal, disguised
Lend me please your voice
Sing his praise, glory
In his name we sing
Hallelujah named
Tell him I’m sorry

Figment of my mind
Heaven Sent
Glory spent
Angels have denied
Proclaim my faith
Place your blame
Tell me do you mind?
In his mercy
Bloody your lies

Will you please tell
me who I am?
I am the wind
I am water
Winding like a
river deep, till
I find my way

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