Over The Bay, poetry written by James Lilley at Spillwords.com
Grace Brauteseth

Over The Bay

Over The Bay

written by: James Lilley


Strolling the splendid curved shore,
Thunder rolled in over Bay,
Mountainous pale clouds,
Consumed by black billowing veil-like ship sails,
Orange dusk devoured by looming darkness,
Streets of an ugly lovely town,
Falling silent,
Sprawling houses dotted on hillside, curtains twitch,
Ominous clouds burst,
Rain falls in sheets, straight down,
Air buzzing with electricity
Vapour rising from tarmac, August muggy heat,
A flash, caught, from corner of eye
A rumbling, like a clearing of a throat,
Another, brilliant blue, prickling the clouds skin,
God’s Wrath if I feared God,
Drum loud boom,
Dogs fleeing into shadows,
Dusk bled into night,
The storm broke, sky cracking open,
Coast battered by fury,
Time slows minutes weeping by,
Oh, when will it end?
Suddenly darkness retreats,
Blanched horizon,
Surviving the storm.

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