Here Be Dragons, poetry by James Lilley at
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Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons

written by: James Lilley


Spluttering the battered car, gently rolled to stop
Fierce venomous words, gave way, to awe
Calming for what we saw
Through cracked windshield,
We witnessed with glee
A landscape of unparalleled beauty,
Where the mountains kissed the clouds,
Swirling mist hanging low
Stepping from the last of the car’s heat,
Onto black tarmac topped roads,
That cut through the valley like a scar,
I gasped when she reached for my hand,
Burning heat of our love cupped between the palms
Alchemy veined mountains
Peaks breaking clouds like fingers in a stream
She kisses my cheek
I weaken
The words forgotten, the years forgotten,
Grey crumbling slate never looked so alive
How small I feel
In a land of myth and legend
Once scribbled on a map
Here Be Dragons.

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