Painter's Symphony, a poem written by Brad Osborne at

Painter’s Symphony

Painter’s Symphony

written by: Brad Osborne


The canvas a din of color
No idea where artist did start
Brush strokes roar across each other
And magically it becomes art

Reds streak the scene like trumpet blast
On the under hue of the bass
Strings adding blues allegro fast
Shadowed reeds highlight portrait face

Each tool and color brought to bear
Upon matted white pearl surface
Orchestration of kind so rare
A work of heavenly purpose

The crescendo rises in green
The blacks keeping a steady beat
Sounds so worthy of being seen
Painted across white linen sheet

Depicted there upon the plate
A master work of great renown
Skillful hands moved as if by fate
Where colors harmonized resound

Oh, if mine this wonderous gift
This great symphony of technique
Then lives of others I could lift
Beauty of songs drawn in oblique

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