Pandemic, a poem by Robin McNamara at
Dan Burton



written by: Robin McNamara



The old woman walked
slowly past,
“I’m going for some fresh air
before it’s all gone!”
she said.
the Irish humor is alive and well,
alongside Covid-19
the new darkness
that swirls malevolently nearby.
We knew it was serious
when the pubs closed
for St. Patrick’s Day,
our national holiday
and the parades were
cancelled for the
first time in history
but our cuteness
shone through in
homemade parades
in our gardens and
we made the world laugh.
Our hearts are broken
at the rising death toll
in Italy, a place many
Irish go on holidays,
the ruins of the
Colosseum are silent.
No tourist roam
the streets of Rome.
Whilst here in Ireland
cafes and restaurants
are closed everywhere,
until recently they offered
home delivery
showing the resilience
we Irish are famed for.
Local arts and writing festivals
are all cancelled but,
our poetry prompts by
local writing groups
keep our creativity flowing
and our minds strong.

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