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written by: Charlie Bottle



When the first drops of rain fall,
and soak the parched summer earth.
the rising warm, damp, earthy smell,
opens wide the floodgates of nostalgic memories,
trapped in the Time’s vicissitudes,
and lifting the fog of misted years, one sees,
a little boy of four, standing on a window’s ledge,
experiencing his first memorable rain.
turning around he questions, Ma, Why does it rain?
this innocent question, answered by an adult lie,
of God being sad and hurt by all the wrongs done,
and when he can bear no more, he cries for a season.
now when one knows why it rains, for some reason,
one would like to believe the first answer, for it was the answer,
to an innocent question, and innocence was gullible.



Petrichor – a pleasant, distinctive smell frequently accompanying the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather in certain regions.

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