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Pleadings Against The Preposterous

written by: devereaux frazier



don't do this
your life is far from useless
is your apology
when you beg the bully for forgiveness
for being who you ought to be
you are full of life and love
don't you see that?
you are ripe with the delicate balance
of curiosity and knowledge
and no one could ever top that
you wake in their slumber
and rest in their drunken stupor
you fly above their ostrich heads
and tread upon zombie filled lands
babe, you can't imagine the power
you have inside you
and maybe no one ever mentioned it
but I knew
when I first came in contact
with a soul like yours
I knew you were fairer
then even Edgar's Lennore
but here you are today
walking the line
the thin, fine line
of our time, and the imagined
the grey
between our black and white
the possibility
of flesh, and spirit sight
if you cross over
I'll be lost forever
unable to walk
without your light
if you leave me this way
right now
the maestro of us all
will clasp his hands
and silence all sound

devereaux frazier

devereaux frazier

Baltimorean poet and blogger. Published on Teen Ink, with four articles winning the Editors Choice Award, and Literary Arts Review. Article titled "Less Than Human" featured in Teen Ink's magazine. Lead Kansas Chiefs Chiefs writer for KCSportsNation. Currently writing a YA novel.
devereaux frazier

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