The Crow's Lament written by TM Arko at

The Crow’s Lament

The Crow’s Lament

written by: TM Arko



I remember the face of everyone who cursed me
Or hit me with rocks
I have watched the straw-stuffed man
Placed among the fields of corn
To keep me out
I have smelled with my ebony beak the vapors of poison
So I might die a thousand deaths
I have been chased and ravaged in the golden fields of barley
I have seen the evil look
Of humanity’s cruel intent
The eagle is a majestic symbol
The robin sings a glorious tune
I am just the darkness
The annoying sound on an early Saturday morning
But we are many
My brothers and sisters as we fly
A black feathered river across the crimson evening sky
Restless and seeking
Never finding but always hoping
Sitting on barren trees in the winter rains
Looking for the shadows to hide
From the summer’s yellow heat
My coal colored beaded eyes never close
Never rest
My claw calls no branch home
East to West
West to East
I flap and fly the vast unlimited skies
And yet I am never free
For I am just the darkness
And I remember
I will always remember



Be kind to the crows, because they remember.

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