Polyhymnia, poetry written by Fotoula Reynolds at Spillwords.com
Giuseppe Fagnani



written by: Fotoula Reynolds


An inspirational goddess
Who did not appear to be modest?
Of Greek mythology
And a muse of sacred poetry
Divine also in her religious hymns
Spoke of dance like wearing wings

Her eloquence was highlighted
Such display was illuminated
Wearing a veil and a tunic
She was a patron of sacred music
Perceived as the serious muse
Her pantomimes would amuse

Contemplating and meditating
Her radiance was fixating
Reflecting deeply and sharing knowledge
Artists gave thanks and paid homage
One of the nine muses
She entertained the Gods of Mount Olympus

Liberal and fine arts were developed
Polyhymnia, shared and embellished
Protector of art and science
A source of inspiration and alliance
Not only a muse of poetry
She was given credit as a muse of geometry

Dramatists and authors
Learned from one of Zeus’s daughters
She of the many hymns
Mount Parnassus, the sacred mountain springs
Named after a main belt asteroid
This, I’m sure she would have enjoyed

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