Quarantined Poet's Blues, poetry by Steven Fortune at Spillwords.com
David Pennington

Quarantined Poet’s Blues

Quarantined Poet’s Blues

written by: Steven Fortune


My lidded eyes see the mist just the same
After all it’s all about the balls
Lots of practice, lots of oomph to tame
Visions move like targets with their rise-and-falls

I see more in silhouettes than outlines
Liken me to Siamese cat theatrics
Liken me to soft canaries in the drama mines
I’ve been everywhere on crutch of asterisks

The scenery I’ve seen is classified
To be dropped on the advent of my wake
Martyrdom is fine for cantos clarified
Disregard this sight for self-mythology’s sake

I only mean to say I must create
With the well of stimulation drained to mud
What I see and what I get defers to fate
Who I was and who I’ll be adheres to blood

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