Love at First Click, a poem by Leena Auckel at

Love at First Click

Love at First Click

written by: Leena Auckel


The latest bling,
Is tapping away behind a screen
Professing your feeling
Behind an identity unseen.

Love declaration
Is now easier than before.
With pseudonyms, lesser inhibition
To create a virtual rapport.

‘In a relationship’ status
Is just one click away.
Maximum ‘likes’-though bogus
Is enough to make one sway.

Boredom brings on a change in scene
Constant chat comes to halt!
Messages are left ‘seen’
Leaving you with a broken heart!

Next day, while you scroll your newsfeed,
Pops up a new Friend request
Which you accept in lightning speed
Setting on a new conquest.

Meeting up
Is just a child’s play.
Is just one ‘block’ away.

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