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Love at First Click

Love at First Click

written by: Leena Auckel


The latest bling,
Is tapping away behind a screen
Professing your feeling
Behind an identity unseen.

Love declaration
Is now easier than before.
With pseudonyms, lesser inhibition
To create a virtual rapport.

‘In a relationship’ status
Is just one click away.
Maximum ‘likes’-though bogus
Is enough to make one sway.

Boredom brings on a change in scene
Constant chat comes to halt!
Messages are left ‘seen’
Leaving you with a broken heart!

Next day, while you scroll your newsfeed,
Pops up a new Friend request
Which you accept in lightning speed
Setting on a new conquest.

Meeting up
Is just a child’s play.
Is just one ‘block’ away.

Leena Auckel

Leena Auckel

Leena Auckel is a Doctor residing in Mauritius. Her pen and paper have been her 'alter universe' since high-school. Poetry and stories are a therapeutic release from her busy schedule. She believes that the body is healed with knowledge and the soul is healed with written words. Reading is one of the habits you can indulge in without moderation. Her short-stories and poems have been published by e-magazines like Eve Poetry, Active Muse and
Leena Auckel

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