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Queen of Flowers

Queen of Flowers

written by: LadyLily



We are born from Eden,
Reflecting our image with passion and love,
flushing our fragrance, music of the Earth.
Lips without sound.

The Sun surrenders her holy gold,
Luscious rays penetrate my body,
Scarlet pigments turn deep with embarrassment.
Douglas fir flirts, his silver gleams tickle my stamens,
He rustles his fronds groping my gossamer frock.

I embroider my being with morning mist
Giving hues to breaths of dazzled days.
Clockwork movements of time breeze my petals,
I spear, touching the sky, sizzling in the heat of June.
Weaving shadows over Majestic Magnolias
Whose grace is flawless,
High scents veil over Fireflies, dancing in throbbing air.

Dripping dew, like the tears of infants
puddles in ruby wrinklets.
As Dusk closes his amber eyes
Blackbird’s shrills enhance the smiles of morrows child.
Soon, when gentle wind flees all is silent.
My shadow and I will dance, whizz, whirl,
Illuminating the brilliance of Jasmine,
Her aroma to roam like a lost …
And I will be crowned ‘Queen of Flowers.’

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