Everyday I Turn On The News by Jake Cosmos Aller at Spillwords.com

Everyday I Turn On The News

Everyday I Turn On The News

written by: Jake Cosmos Aller



every day I turn on the news
nothing but news about the virus
the virus from hell

the world is filled with fear
and my anxiety levels rise
every time I turn on the news

oh my god I say
we are all going to die
and I am so afraid

afraid of everyone
afraid of everything
dreading the latest news

and nothing relieves my fear
I watch the world
loosing its collective mind

wondering how much more of this
can we all take

I scream out
Dear God save us all
god is silent as usual

and so I realized
we are doomed
perhaps it is the end times
perhaps not

I turn off the TV
try to stay calm

hoping the madness
will not overwhelm us all

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