Flap! Flap!! Flap!!!, poetry by Abunic Sherif II at Spillwords.com
Steve Halama

Flap! Flap!! Flap!!!

Flap! Flap!! Flap!!!

(The Stubborn Bird)

written by: Abunic Sherif II


Dried eyes dared
to roam rainy clouds
A pair of frail wings fluttered
and drop in sight
Eyes flood from swelling tides
Under a lightless moon
and a dark night

Flap! Flap!! Flap!!!
Lighting captured a tired leap,
up against the cruel winds
High it went, hard it fell
Like mangos in an unkind breeze

Colourful feathers
spread on wet leaves
Blurred eyes and injured wings
Crippled in the roaring rains
And thunder too, laughs at broken things

Flap! Flap!! Flap!!!
Up again, against the cruel winds
The final try with nothing remains,
for failure is just a faux.
And nature stood in awe and gawked

As the stubborn broken bird flew its coop

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