Silent Screams, poetry by Abunic Sherif II at
Mwangi Gatheca

Silent Screams

Silent Screams

written by: Abunic Sherif II


These words are teardrops
Spilling silently from a broken cup
On nights and days when the birds would call
Through seasons; warm and cold they’d fall

These words are raging seas
Too strong for sand beaches
They come rolling, kicking and screaming
But their noise only blocks absent ears from hearing

These words are empty emotions
They sit in the dark, drunk on pain potions.
Watching and counting stars in silence;
When the cells, like the moon would shape themselves in crescent

These words are memories;
As old and dusty as the ancient tapes.
They get stuck on repeat and,
Play the painful soundtracks of all the nasty names.

These words are burnt out flares;
They bounced, ducked, and hit the clouds.
Roaming the dark skies in search for help.
Staining sad eyes with sticky silver tears.

These words are dark watercolors
On white canvases portraying daring dreams
Every stroke– an unheard cry that has forever been ringing
These words are nothing but silent screams

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