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written by: Claude Seguy


Sitting on a green field among the daisies,
The poppies,
The dandelions’ hair the summer breeze ruffles,
And corpses eat by the roots.
Under the blue sky burned by the golden sun,
I see in your sweet face two hazel eyes smiling.
Your pavot red lips smother me with kisses,
Little pecks.
Blond wheat and purple lavender
And in the foliage shade the golden brown trunks
Of the pink cherry trees,
The white apple trees.
Amalgam of colors challenging
The sienna chestnut
The orange of navels,
The yellow of lemons,
I delight in nature kaleidoscope
Before the dark night spreads
Its black blanket.

Claude Seguy

Claude Seguy

Poète, peintre, cartoonist, caricaturiste, né en France à Paris, présentement résident de Palm Beach en Floride.
Claude Seguy

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