Rainforest Song, a poem written by Mark Scrivener at Spillwords.com

Rainforest Song

Rainforest Song

written by: Mark Scrivener


Rainforest shadow is shade on green,
Above the sunlight flecks between
High leaves where strips of sky are seen.

It’s like a world before we came.

And, on the mountain, creek’s rocky darkness,
So moss-immersed in time-free stillness,
By growing coats is saved from starkness.

For all is water-woven curves.

Huge fig roots snake to forest floor,
So old, perhaps begun before
Pink man set foot on north-coast shore.

The forest talks in leaves and birds.

And earth is dim with leaves, endowed
With primal force of growing powers:
And time is years, not days and hours.

There’s something chatter cannot name.

Walk softly when you walk this place,
And let it tell of special grace
That’s deeper than the mind’s quick pace.

For all is water-woven curves;
The forest speaks in leaves and birds;
There’s something chatter cannot name-
It’s like a world before we came.

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