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 Summer Nights, Face Turned to the Atlantic

written by: Holly Michaels



Poetry is an ocean breeze,
an ocean breeze
during a hurricane,
falling rain
brings a well known pain
and I have learned to crave it.

I have learned to crave
the highest waves
which crash over me,
bring me to my knees again
and again.

The sirens wail,
as others run,
I enter hell,
embrace it-
taste the salt against my tongue,
taste the beryl churning foam,
taste the fear I claim as home
nothing compares to a hurricane sunset.


Poetry is fragility; poetry is power.

Holly Michaels

Holly Michaels

Holly Michaels is a poet from Appalachia writing on themes of love and loss. She is an outspoken advocate for social justice, social worker, mother, and lover of flip-flops.
Holly Michaels

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