I Call For You Again, poetry written by Ryan K at Spillwords.com

I Call For You Again

I Call For You Again

written by: Ryan K


I call for you again, wicked Darkness
To keep the Sun from my mind.
I care not for what you corrupt
To blind my eyes,
For it is vital that you do.

There is no harm that can be done
For the Sun to fear you so,
As it is unyielding to you,
And you have no power against its light.
No sinful crime you can commit
Will taint its divinity.

Wretched Darkness you must come to me,
If I am to escape burning.
I need you as I always have,
As you knew I would when you taunt me.
My hatred for you is eclipsed only
By my love for what I must protect.

You have served us well before,
But Darkness do not underestimate.
Unlike the past, I stand so close.
This Sun shines twice as bright.
Even you, cruel Darkness,
Will tremble to see the Sun.
Do your duty without temptation,
step no further than my shadow.
For it will lead only to sorrow.

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