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written by: Robyn MacKinnon



To reconstruction

continue to keep in touch

I will never stop



Illustration description: An image split down the middle. A light seems to rise behind a jagged, blacked-out landscape. The sunrise glows orange, red, and purple into the darkness on the left side. The right glows, blue, aqua, and green into the dark. 2 figures occupy the middle of the picture. Their forms are jagged and featurelss, with blurred edges. The colours of each correspond to the sunrise on the opposite side. Each reaches toward the other with (seemingly) the hand closest to the divide. The text of the haiku is visible over their heads, white on the left side and black on the right.

Robyn MacKinnon

Robyn MacKinnon

I am mostly a visual artist, but I like to create "found poetry", specifically daily haiku made from the statuses of my Facebook friends. It was my Mom who started this, and officially passed the responsibility onto me when she became too busy.
Robyn MacKinnon

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