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written by: Jenise Cook



“Look at her.”

“Which one?”

“The red sweater. Quick, sit up,” Felix purred to his sister. “She’s coming with the shelter volunteer.”

They posed in their kennel.

The woman held the two cats and nuzzled them. “I’ll take both of them.”

Felix sighed. “We did it. We’ve rescued another human!”



This tiny story reflects how I feel about the cats and dogs who rescued me after I adopted them from the local animal shelter. Sure, I say our dog or cat is a rescue, but that’s half the story. Over the years, these precious pets have rescued me.

Jenise Cook

Jenise Cook

Jenise Cook lives in northern Arizona, where it snows, with her fine artist husband. Jenise writes both fiction and nonfiction. Her works are published by various literary journals, and her website - Jenise Cook, has a list of her published works.
Jenise Cook

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