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written by: Troy DeFrates


Rock-Paper-Scissors, solves all issues
there is no ambiguity, there is no doubt
upon a tie the opponents re-issue
a new attempt for the loser to pout.

Rock smashes scissors you can see
scissors cut paper for you and me
paper wraps rock, pretty as can be
removing all stalemates so we can be free.

One-Two-Three let’s Go-!
hitting our palms for the other to show
looking eye to eye so you cannot cheat
the odds are completely fair for you to be beat.

No more argument, no more fuss
the winner gets the front seat while the loser does cuss
why did I go paper for the rock to be bound
I know they always do scissors in the final round.

Troy DeFrates

Troy DeFrates

Troy DeFrates lives in the Great Woods Of Northern Wisconsin, U.S.A., and has been published over twenty times in the last year in various periodicals and online magazines including Spillwords.
Troy DeFrates

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