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Body is God

Body is God

written by: Moitreyee Raju


Weaved into a pattern
by a mere crochet of flesh and bones…
’tis a mannequin with a perspective,
a rigmarole of giving and misgiving,
Equinox’s treasured martyr?

But the innards of the shell
a dwelling aboriginal,
where beauty sets stage
for an auroral waltz.
Folding and unfolding,
swirling and twirling,
while unabashedly displaying
its burgeoning womb
all along the nocturnal sky.

A high octane Riviera it is, where
waves silentious, crash-land on its shore,
ensuing a silent dialogue with the moon.
The potent potion begotten
populates the lanes and by lanes
of the vast Ganges!
Propagated thence, a stoic calm,
a river resilient,
that keeps confined unstill waters
in the placidity of its heart.

Green grass
on the walls of the shell…
cohesively attuned, its rhythmic growth.
Its soft breast, a fecund field
of sedate yet steady encounter
each time birthing, rebirthing,
communicating a deep urge
to sculpt life from the throes of death.

In the summer abendrot
visible is the dark silhouette
of the colossal banyan tree.
The earthy midriff
bejewelled with its roots…
Its tresses long and shadowy
a solace for all in its close proximity!
A tenor sublime and subdued prevails
unperturbed as it remains
in misery and mirth.
Oh, what an empyrean sea of love it is!

Hence the body moves..
Swimming against the rustic voice
of the mysterious tempest,
it drowns in the deep sea
of unheard music.
Seeking always that white light
of the vibgyor
Omnipotent and omnipresent
Vigorous and vibrant!
The body is God and God is body!!

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