Rotten Ladder, a poem written by Maria Chalastani at

Rotten Ladder

Rotten Ladder

written by: Maria Chalastani


Can’t hurt me now
I’m a thousand times stronger
can’t reach me now
I’m a million lives older
a southern wind
blowing dust the world over
a shattered dream
that knows of no border.

Too soon to trust
too late to recover
just learn from me
and give your innocence
no more credit
than a rotten ladder.

Can’t be reborn
my heart lingers mortal
can’t voice my heart
It’s burnt in that altar
of youthful hopes
and childish sandcastles
where “we” was a chance
and “us” had no fractions.

Too soon to leave
too late to stay longer
you’re iron-made
but that doesn’t matter
still hanging ignorant
on life’s rotten ladder.

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