Wisdom-A Prayer, poetry by Maria Chalastani at Spillwords.com
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Wisdom-A Prayer

Wisdom-A Prayer

written by: Maria Chalastani


Fall down on me
like the rain never asking for my state of moisture
like redemption never seeking apologies
like thunder never worrying for childish fears
like the wind ever sweeping away my laundry of feelings.

Come out of me
like the truth ever leading to liberating paths
like the sun never leaving me in the dark
like the first-uttered words of a toddler
like the roar of a cub-defending lioness

Return to me
like a ripe, juicy fruit waiting to be collected
like a dancing melody wishing to be heard
like a child striving to be noticed
like a war refugee hoping for life-saving shelter

so I can recognise and treasure you
before I am engulfed by you,
drowned in your power
or too long asleep to let you disturb my sobriety.

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