Sacred Womb, poetry written by Afraaz Mulji at
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Sacred Womb

Sacred Womb

written by: Afraaz Mulji



What I wish to render can only be communicated with the permission of the sacred muse.
She grants me the wisdom, the culture I so cherish.
She is the steward of my imagination.
When she chooses to open the doors, only then does the aqueduct flow.
The wine I wish to imbibe can only be drunk in her presence.
For without her divine intercession, I would be rendered mute.
I can only revel in silence, until she gives me the bismillah. To speak the truth she has revealed.
Only in her womb can the sacred beauty of my music be conceived…
And why must she bear the pain of my children?
Through the trials, I have found strength in the tribulations.
The Wave is not separate from the Cause,
Interwoven pluralities speak without a cause,
Cadences, the poetry of square triangles,
Circular motions of an argument
Sweep the street, allow the rain to wash away the impurity that has stagnated,
Find the flow,
ineffable and ephemeral flow
And follow it home.
Where your heart is seeking,
A solace….. A refuge…..
Ask not what you will receive when you reach this paradise,
Make it wherever you happen to be…..
Home is where the heart is?
How can you be separate from your heart?
Wherever you are is home,
Do you dig?
Follow the unseen, chase the unknown,
Go with a purity that makes you untarnishable…
Unspeakable secrets, there are innumerable,
Until you open your hands…..

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