Timed Timelessness, poetry by Afraaz Mulji at Spillwords.com
Linus Nylund

Timed Timelessness

Timed Timelessness

written by: Afraaz Mulji



Timed timelessness,
Frenzied inaction,
Chased ideals, unrealistic ideas,
Idealists brew steaming drinks of goo,

Feuds bitter, fealty to the fiend,
Fidelity uncrossed, bound motions,
Fidget with the flung notions of an ungraceful exit.

Flight of a fancy, fancied flames of an unlit pyre,

Go home, the masses have inculcated a frenetic mass of massive misconceptions,

Inaction, fancy that,

Miscreants rally around tone-deaf stupidity,
Insecure insincerely bleeds them dry.

An arid landscape indeed,

A droplet of spit, an ocean.

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