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written by: Kia Jones



A little man all dressed in red
Creeps around whilst you're in bed
He's looking to see if you've been good
And have done all the chores you know you should
beneath his beard his teeth are sharp
And his whistle is hypnotic, like an angel's harp
He'll drag you in if you've been bad
And magic you into the latest fad
Then in his sack you'll surely go
And only his elves will actually know
That the toys we find under our tree
Are the world's naughty children upcycled for free!

Kia Jones

Kia Jones

DECEMBER 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
A spiritualist a dreamer an abuse survivor. Somebody that believes in the intangible, the impossible and the incredible strength and resilience of the spirit.

Writing saved my mind 🙂
Kia Jones

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