Self-Love, a poem by Anita Adanna Ezema at
Austin Wilcox



written by: Anita Adanna Ezema


Self-love is not selfish,
It is rewarding to others.
I am an unbridled passion,
And a treasure to all.

Self-love is not cruel,
It is incredibly kind.
I am a radiant flame,
And a manifestation of goodness.

Self-love is not hateful,
It is undying love.
I am a beautiful dream,
And a light to many.

Self-love is not boastful,
It is exceptionally humble.
I am a rainstorm,
And my humility is my strength.

Self-love is not proud,
It is a humble virtue.
I am a confident soldier.
And my strength is intimidating.

Self-love is not arrogant,
It is unbelievably meek.
I am a silent whisper,
And my words are powerful.

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