Dark And Light written by Evelyn at Spillwords.com

Dark And Light

Dark and Light

written by: Evelyn



Darkness lurks
in the sidewalk
of a dream
where safety ends
and street begins
hushed voices mid noise
that harass the ears
with false threats to its being
a heeded warning

Darkness lurks
to start an ending
where confusion meets proof
with twisted sound of lies
no hair of truth
another day of breathing
in a peace unknown to night
hidden from plain sight

Darkness lurks
along the halls
seeping through the walls
the stink never caught before
but fire is only waiting
to cut the line
for fear denies the Fear
that conquers death
bright blood spreads

Darkness lurks
but as a shadow
that cannot cross
the battle on a field of mind
where found the barracks
of an army wild
carrying the torch
that draws pure might

Darkness lurks
and will not overcome
its towering gates back off
from the golden dust
where narrow lines open up
fright is frightened
when even silence breaks in
to summon the light of hope
that dwells within

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