Siberian Tiger an Anne G Original Poem at

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

Original Poem by Anne G

Siberian tiger

so wild – so strong

the masterful hunter

of prey big and small

A cat with distinction

the largest of all

Taiga, the forest

Russia, it’s home

Siberian tiger

solitary and free

roams through the forests

of birch, larch and fir

Amur, they are called

by Siberian folk

their habitat dwindling

their numbers unknown

Mining, pollution

all pose a threat

hunter and poacher

the greatest of all

Siberian tiger

survival in doubt

ten years to extinction

if change is not wrought

Subspecies were nine

only six still remain

Caspian, Javan

Bali – extinct

Siberian tiger

feline unique

species endangered

for money and greed

Protect and preserve

the Siberian cat

their very existence

depends on us all

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