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Simple Words

Simple Words

written by: thePoeticpiper



“These words were hard to say, like a baby learning to walk for the first time”

What is this behaviour we got going on
A combination that has everyone talking
Teachings of how to be mature
Actions of being young again
Falling over, pick you up, fall again, I’ll pick you up

You had me from the very early start
Letting down my defences, trusting you with all I got
Holding your hand all the time, others would think we’re lovers
But we keep looking away from each other
Though we don’t think of each other with our hearts
What a lie, I do with mine, do you?

Our friendship has grown in a short period of time
From liking, trusting and loving one another
The love that murders my soul
Like a titanic in my heart, sinking
Something I cannot describe
Words upon the shores of my tongue, I cannot say
Only show by actions without any indication of my fears

These are the simple words for you you you
Upon the shores of my tongue, I cannot describe
You’re always in my heart, I cannot shy away from your scene
Can neither dwell on the past, nor live in the future
One day our hearts will explode, for now we can just be

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