Smile Me Happy Man, a poem by Russell Colclough at
Tim Foster

Smile Me Happy Man

Smile Me Happy Man

written by: Russell Colclough


Smile me happy man, don’t just walk on by.

Smile me happy man, ain’t no shine here,
these folks don’t see me, they walk on by.

Ma said I would shine.
I sure would be the man.
Well bust my heart my Ma took a ride,
I placed my soul upon her grave,
and the good in me just died.

Pa did things, thems things that ain’t right,
hay man! ain’t hurt me none,
the pain sank deep inside.

The liquor took Pa’s shine,
I gave him lasting peace.
I dug his grave at the trailer park and Pa took a ride.

I got me a gun so I could shine.
It sure was good with all the graves I dug.
It was a busy night.

This here is my street, and all thems folks who walk on by,
they are sure to take a ride.

I am the avenging angel,
I do what’s right. Pa did for me in the trailer park, ain’t no ride for me, cus I already died.

Smile me happy man, don’t just walk on by.

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