Some Day, a poem by PR Hebert at
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Some Day

Some Day

written by: PR Hebert


Sitting on the patio of my old adobe house
in a pueblo high atop a mountain.
Morning has yet to shed its light.

It’s cool and a bit foggy,
a mountain cat calls and a dog barks
almost as if answering.
Steaming rich black coffee in hand
ready to meet the new day.

What will be encountered?
What shall we do?

Just put off everything for now
and light the first
cigar of the day.
See the blue gray cloud of smoke
and smell the pungent sweet aroma.

Now just lean back and
enjoy the coffee and cigar
life will take care of itself for now.

The leaving of the cities
and simply being “in the moment”
is harder than you think.
But then again it’s wonderful to simply
exist in this heaven I’ve created.

We can think and write later today…
perhaps in the cantina
or under the old tree in the plaza.
But no rush… it will be
there tomorrow too.

So many words float about
some landing on a page.
Maybe it will be this blue smudge
that nobody will read.
But that’s ok maybe – someday.

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