Sound of Silence, a poem by Juliya Susan Jose at
Jake Noren

Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence

written by: Juliya Susan Jose


Far from the infinite sighs
A serene stroke of glance
Confluenced by the tranquil wave
An illusive agglomeration
Of silenced moan
Seeping down through
The fallow and deep
Reservoir of the visage
Still gulping down
Suppressing to the core.

Deep down the void
Of stumbling insanity
Heard a violent shriek
The shaded horrid torment
The plethora of emotions
Holding the storms of grief
I found the flashes of solace
For an eternal peace
In the rhythm of silence
Undefined and twisted.

Standing calmly through
the conscious psyche
A sudden jab of reveries
held me backwards
to the drowsy provenance
I yearned for a shift
From the crooked shouts
Betwixt the trembling grievance
And the liberal gaiety
Stood in search of a phantasmagoria.

Silence truly evokes in us
A notion of existentiality
Mysterious and uncompromising
It vigorously sheds out
A traumatic numbness
An arresting pause
Yet the stroke of pendulum
Unravels the cloak of dilemma
Striking the moments
Of silence past

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