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Spillwords Press Awards 2018

Spillwords Press Awards 2018


Here were the nominees in the Annual Spillwords Press Awards for the year 2017:

Author of the Year

Polly Oliver
Laura Hughes
Shruti Das
Dilip Mohapatra
Steve Pearson
William T Fearby
Dr Santosh Bakaya
Richard Wall
Lea Wülferth

Publication of the Year (Poetic)

Sacred Nature – Moxie McMurder
Morbid – Ipsita Banerjee
Aletheia – Bitupan Das
I Don’t Know Your Face – William T Fearby
Three Dimensional Dreams – Tamsen Grace
Those Moments – Jacob Damstra
The Fourth Estate – Anne G

Publication of the Year (Non-Poetic)

And Lo, A Black Horse – James Dean Collins
The Unfaithful Woman – Payal Phukan
The Teacher I Loved – Hannah England
Mental Health: the diary of a broken mind – Funding Crisis – Steve Pearson
Cristina’s Sunday Tune & Tale – ‘This Is To Mother You’ by Sinead O’Connor – Cristina Munoz
Interview With Dilip Mohapatra
Beyond The Ink – Beth Tremaglio

Publication of the Year (International)

Los Buitres Y Los Cerdos – Cecilia Argüelles Ramos
Ode ao amor não-correspondido – Ewerton Alves
Como Entender – Jose A Gomez
Platinum City – Hongri Yuan
Sobre la línea del árbol – Eduardo Escalante
Hay Lugares, Sonidos, Olores, Personas Que Nos Duelen – Uslariono
Questions – Eliza Segiet

And here are the winners in the Annual Spillwords Press Awards for the year 2017:

Author of the Year - Richard Wall

Publication of the Year (Poetic) - Aletheia by Bitupan Das

Publication of the Year (Non-Poetic) - And Lo, A Black Horse by James Dean Collins

Publication of the Year (International) - Questions by Eliza Segie



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