Swing, Pendulum, poetry written by Julia R. DeStefano at Spilwords.com

Swing, Pendulum

Swing, Pendulum

written by: Julia R. DeStefano



I am that girl –
that writer, that spy
peering underneath the covers
to catch a glimpse of her naked soul.
She has the shakes tonight.
Goosebumps filling sun-drenched skin
as she calls on a vision to melt the ice.
Ignite the flame.
But the pendulum has frozen solid
to encapsulate her in silence—
that raging animal on her trail —
where laughter once reigned
and blood ran hot
amid the gold light of her Queendom.
Please do not envy her heart
with its little secrets
and the icicles that reform
with silence’s thrusts.
Connection’s bond can thaw it,
not the strain of hot-and-cold
or the reoccurring bone-chill of ice.
Build her not a country,
but offer her shelter.
Feel her in her state
by keeping your light on.

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