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Taking Chances

Taking Chances

written by: AngelFace44



One year to the day
hard choices made, he took a chance.
A new path found, he placed his steps
hoping life would be enhanced.

Seven months to the day
another chance he chose to take.
Quick and sweet was his reward
heart claimed with Love’s planted stake.

Six months to the day
An important question he did pop.
A yes was said as she declared
her love for him would never stop.

Five months to the day
to live as one, they happily decided.
No longer would they have to stay
living as a couple divided.

Two months from this day
a walk down an aisle, she will make.
As love filled eyes connect, he’ll smile
knowing from him his name she’ll take.

The days, months and years to follow
will be the happiest they’ve had yet.
Taking a chance was all it took
had he not, he and she would not have met.

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