Ten Thirty-One Oh Five, poetry by G. Lynn Brown at Spillwords.com
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Ten Thirty-One Oh Five

Ten Thirty-One Oh Five

written by: G. Lynn Brown



Ghosts and goblins
Hide in the night
Witches on broomsticks
Fly through the sky
Vampires stalk
Zombies walk
Bats screech
As they snatch their prey
The moon is full
Hear werewolves bay
In the shadows
Monsters lurk
Creepy scarecrows
With pumpkin heads
All fill us with dread
And fill us with fear
Tonight’s the scariest of the year
But despite the skeletons
Ghouls and ghosts
What haunts me most
About Halloween
Isn’t a scream
or an echoing boo
It’s knowing it’s the day
I lost you



This is my tribute to a friend I wish I’d known better. I didn’t know him well, but no one’s death has affected me as much as Joe’s did. I didn’t know he battled depression, and when I learned he surrendered to it, I was haunted and tormented with thoughts of, “If I’d only known.” I’m not sure what difference I could’ve made but, nearly 25 years later, I still wonder, and I stil think of him – sometimes more than others, Autumn and Halloween, the day I found out about him, being those times. If anyone reading fights with depression, please know, there are people who care – sometimes the least likely of people may be the one most willing to listen and be there. To anyone who knows someone battling with mental health, love them. Just love them.

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