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The American President, A.D. 2169-2077

written by: Tom Ball


As President, I said I wanted what was best for the masses. And the economy grew 10% in my first year.
But there were several attempts to assassinate me, one time I got shot in the heart, but my doctors were always around me and saved me.
I said, “I am trying my best. Please don’t shoot me!”
But many said that I was just out for myself and was like a pig at the public trough.
I had my spies eliminate dissenters.
As President, I decreed that people worship me as a Goddess. I was superhuman pretty and had a profound intellect.
And I decreed that henceforth everyone would live in an air car. They could dock together and houses and apartments and skyscrapers would be bulldozed. I thought it was important for people to all be nomads and adventurers.
Everyone could afford an air car, but some air cars were better than others.
Kindred spirits these days were fleeting and people moved on to the next, kindred spirit Quickly.
And I decreed an end to android love dolls. Many women, in particular, liked that decree.
And officially I made MRT (Mind Reading Technology) illegal. But my spies used passive MRT on dissidents.
And Virtual Reality I made illegal which irritated many and disappointed many others. But I told them we were all in this together and had to all live in reality.
And as President, I decreed, “Space should be de-weaponized and policed by the UW (United Worlds). I knew that I had sent millions and millions of my followers to Space but I didn’t tell the people that.
And I decreed that there would only be one drug available, a medium strength neo opiate. Some chose to take no drugs at all. But we were all basically in the same boat together, we were on the same page.
And I decreed that people had to earn eternal youth with acts of intelligence and kindness. It was now finishing the experimental phase, but I knew it worked. So only 2% were granted eternal youth in that year, my first in office. And 1% were added every year during my 8-year reign. It worked fine.
Many tried to make movies or do selfless charity to get eternal youth. I had my minions judge them.
And I decreed an end to wars and pledged to send out millions of peacekeepers to war-torn regions.
Most people said, I was the greatest President ever!

Tom Ball

Tom Ball

“Down in the Dirt magazine” published 12 short stories and 130 flash fictions and one novella. “PBW Magazine”: 820 flash fictions and 10 short stories. “Conceit Magazine,” and its imprints: dozens and dozens of short pieces. “Gargoyle Magazine,” several pieces and “Spillwords,” also several pieces. I have also appeared in “Poetry Pacific”, "Postcard Shorts", “Lone Star Magazine” and others. Currently Senior Editor at FLEAS ON THE DOG.
Tom Ball

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